Feel Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz in a different way

María & Au​rélien 

​María and Aurélien think about their dance as a space of three-sided dialogue, where collective dynamics combine with individual expression and musical inspiration. They emphasize rhythmical playfulness, and different ways of interacting with the music and each other. They like to pay attention both to the moments when individuality smoothly fits into the collective flow, and to the moments when tension arises and resolves. They embrace with curiosity, doubts and joy the responsibility of sharing an artform that was born in the African-American community, in a social and cultural context very different from their own.

​They have been dancing together for almost 10 years. They live in Barcelona where they run Cia.EnJazz and teach at El Taller Swing. They also have a strong link to Geneva, where Aurélien was born. They are the founders of Backbeat, an association that organizes weekly and monthly workshops in Geneva, as well as an annual festival, the "shaKe that laKe".