Elise and Rija

Elise and Rija are teachers of African-American dances: Lindy Hop, Slow Blues&Jazz, Solo Jazz. They participate in many events in France and abroad to share their energy and their love for these dances.

Elise has 15 years of Modern Jazz in her hands and then specializes 100% in Swing, Slow and Blues dances. Its particularities: gentle pedagogy, patience and a smile! Alongside teaching, she is a choreographer, festival organizer and singer at her lost hours...! Within her new Slow Time project, she wishes to place the notion of slowness and well-being at the heart of the educational project. “Dance is a means of expression, communication and connection to music”. Follow her Instagram account @elise.slowtimedance.

Rija has been on the swing scene since 2007, when Lindy Hop was just coming back into fashion in France. Endowed with the experience of ballroom dancing from adolescence, he is recognized for his groove, his ease and his musicality. Rija also enjoys participating in international competitions, he wins prizes every year and this does not take away from his passion for social dancing. You will often see him using the floors until the end of the night!  Follow his Instagram account @rija_rakotondrainibe.

Elise and Rija's classes focus mainly on dance acting, creativity, musicality, quality of listening and communication between dance partners.