Build your own course with María & Aurélien

General Description

​​The workshops have been designed so that you can attend all of them if you want. They consist of 2-hour workshops where Maria and Aurélien will explore connection, style, musicality and much more. However, instead of breaking them down into levels, they're broken down by class type, so you know what to expect from each: Looking for a class with a lot of action and movement? maybe something more mentally intensive? Do you simply want to learn but in a more relaxed class? Do you want it all? Build your own intensive!

Lindy Hop Workshops

Base requirement: ​1 year Lindy Hop experience.

Cool Rhythms

​This workshop has the ingredients to improve your rhythmicality! You will leave your comfort zone with new rhythmic variations that will take your dance to the next level. This class is more mentally demanding.

Extra requirements: ​​Solid triple foundation and familiarity with basic rhythmic variations like scissor kicks or frankie kicks.

Move your body!

​If you like to rumble, this workshop is for you! You'll learn new routines and variations for energetic dance sessions. This class is more physically demanding than the others.

Extra requierements: Charleston experience.

In the groove

​​This workshop focuses on the movement sensations that you put into your dance steps. As the Shim Sham song says: "​'Tain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It." This class is on Sunday, so it will be more relaxed.

No extra requirements


Solo Jazz Workshops

Base requirement: 1 year Lindy Hop experience or basic Solo Jazz experience.

Solo Jazz
Crazy Saturday

​Do you give it your all when you dance Solo Jazz? This workshop is for you! You will have incredible combos, great rhythms and new movements so that you can fully express yourself  in the Jams Circle. This class is more physically demanding.

Solo Jazz
Sunday Flow

​On Sunday we will learn new combos and movements but focusing on the rhythm, the connection with the music and oneself. We will explore and experiment with this great art form. This class is more relaxed than the one on Saturday.