Wanna give it a try? There'll be lots of fun and prizes!

Friday: Mix & Match

​​It is one of the most popular competitions at festivals. You will have the opportunity to show off on the dance floor but... the couple will be totally random! Will you be able to connect and understand someone randomly? 


  • ​Have a Party Pass or Friday Pass


​The competition will have 3 rounds, with a short break between each one.

  • Round 1: Among the participants, pairs will be randomly assigned. The band will play a song of about 140 BPM speed. The jury will select 6 couples by "tap in" (they will pass between the dancers and touch the shoulder of those who pass to the next round).
  • Round 2: Couples who have passed to this round change partners again randomly. The band will play a song of about 160 BPM speed. The jury will select the 2 finalist couples by tap in.
  • Final Round: In this final battle the 2 couples of the previous Round remain. The band will play a 180 BPM speed song, and each pair will individually dance to a 32-bar chorus (16 eights). At the end of the two chorus the two couples will dance together a final chorus. The jury will select the winning couple at the end of the song.


  • Party Passes for "Hop to Paradise 2024" festival
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